ZAFFIRO Aluminium-Clad Wood Sliding Premium Quality Door (in 6ft X 8ft)


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KALCO ZAFFIRO Premium Quality Aluminium-Clad Wood Door: The Ultimate Sliding Door Experience


The KALCO ZAFFIRO Premium Quality Aluminium-Clad Wood Door is a sophisticated and high-performing sliding door that combines the strength of aluminium with the beauty of wood. This model offers a range of innovative features, making it a top choice for those seeking elegance, durability, and easy functionality. Let's dive into the specifics of the KALCO ZAFFIRO Sliding Door.

Design and Construction

The KALCO ZAFFIRO Sliding Door is constructed with an aluminium exterior and Canadian Oak wood interior, providing a stunning balance between contemporary aesthetics and natural warmth. The aluminum finish, powder-coated in Matt Grey (RAL-7043), enhances the door's durability and resistance to the elements.

Two Track Sliding Door

The door features a two track sliding system, allowing for seamless and smooth operation. This design not only enhances the door's functionality but also maximizes space and provides unobstructed views.

Customization Options

The KALCO ZAFFIRO Sliding Door offers various customization options to suit your unique needs and preferences.

Door Handing and Operation

Choose between right-hand and left-hand options for convenient operation and to suit the layout of your space. This versatility ensures seamless integration into any home or building.

Materials and Finishes

The Canadian Oak wood interior adds a touch of natural beauty and warmth to any room. The combination of aluminum and wood creates a durable and visually appealing door that stands out.

Performance and Efficiency

The KALCO ZAFFIRO Sliding Door is engineered for top-notch performance and energy efficiency.

Thermal Insulation

The door's thermal insulation is rated at EN ISO 10077-2: Uw=2.1 W/(m² K), ensuring optimal energy efficiency and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

Air and Water Resistance

The door meets high standards for air permeability (EN ISO 12207: Class A4) and water tightness (EN ISO 12208: Class 4A). This guarantees protection against drafts and moisture, contributing to a safe and cozy indoor space.

Wind-load Resistance

The KALCO ZAFFIRO Sliding Door is rated for wind-load resistance (EN ISO 12210: Class A5), providing peace of mind in areas prone to strong winds and adverse weather.

Safety and Security Features

Safety and security are key priorities in the design of the KALCO ZAFFIRO Sliding Door.

Glass and Gasket

The door features 22 mm toughened glass for added strength and security. The glass is available in both clear and frosted options, allowing you to choose the level of privacy and light control you prefer.
The EPDM rubber gasket ensures a tight seal, preventing drafts and moisture from entering your home.

Handle Set Finish

The door is equipped with a stainless steel handle set finish, providing a sleek and modern touch while ensuring long-lasting durability.

Track Bottom Sweep

The woodpile track bottom sweep creates an effective barrier against drafts and moisture, enhancing the door's overall performance.

Innovative Features

The KALCO ZAFFIRO Sliding Door incorporates several innovative features to enhance your experience.

Easy Install

The door is designed for easy installation, saving you time and effort during the setup process.

Easy Retractable Fly-screen

The easy retractable fly-screen offers protection against insects while allowing fresh air to circulate freely. This feature is perfect for enjoying the outdoors without compromising comfort.

The KALCO ZAFFIRO Premium Quality Aluminium-Clad Wood Door offers a unique combination of style, performance, and convenience. Its two track sliding system, customizable options, and innovative features make it an ideal choice for any home or building.

Experience the luxury and efficiency of the KALCO ZAFFIRO Sliding Door and elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your space.

Product Specifications:

Door Type: Two Track Sliding

View Type: Inside

DoorHanding: Right-Hand/Left-Hand

Material: Aluminum exterior, wood interior

Handle Set Finish: Stainless Steel

Track Bottom Sweep: Woodpile

Weatherstripping Type: Dual

Sealing: Dual seal on track and matching labyrinth

Features: Easy Install, Easy Retractable Fly-screen

Frame Dimensions:

Width: 5.90 ft (70.8 in)

Height: 7.87 ft (94.44 in)

Thickness: 3 in / 6.5 in

Color Options:

Aluminium Color Family: RAL / Matt

Aluminium Color/Finish: Matt Grey (RAL-7043)

Aluminium Finish Type: Powder Coated

Wood Family: Canadian Oak Wood


Glass: 22 mm Toughened Glass

Gasket: EPDM Rubber

Color Options: Frosted or Clear

Performance Ratings:

Thermal Insulation (EN ISO 10077-2): Uw=2.1 W / (m² K)

Air Permeability (EN ISO 12207): Class A4

Water Tightness (EN ISO 12208): Class 4A

Wind-Load Resistance (EN ISO 12210): Class A5

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