RUBINO - Aluminium-Clad Wood Door with Double-Sided Sidelights and Tilt-n-Turn Features


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KALCO RUBINO Aluminium-Clad Wood Door: The Epitome of Elegance and Performance


The KALCO RUBINO Aluminium-Clad Wood Door with double-sided sidelights and tilt-and-turn features is a luxurious and versatile addition to any home or commercial space. This model combines the durability of aluminium with the warmth and elegance of wood, offering unmatched style and functionality. Let's delve into the key features and benefits of the KALCO RUBINO door.

Design and Construction

The KALCO RUBINO door is crafted with an aluminium exterior and Canadian Oak wood interior for a sophisticated look. The door boasts a Matt Grey (RAL-7043) powder-coated aluminium finish, ensuring resilience against the elements.

Tilt & Turn and Fixed Frame Sidelights

The door features a tilt-and-turn design for easy operation and enhanced ventilation. It opens for maximum natural light and fresh air while also tilting for secure and controlled ventilation.

The addition of double-sided sidelights enhances the aesthetic appeal and provides an expanded view, making the space feel more open and inviting.

Customization Options

The KALCO RUBINO door offers a range of customization options to match your design preferences and requirements.

Door Handing and Swing

Select between right-hand and left-hand out-swing options to suit the layout and design of your space.

Materials and Finishes

The combination of aluminium and wood creates a stunning, balanced aesthetic that suits both modern and traditional settings. The Canadian Oak wood interior adds a touch of natural warmth.

Performance and Efficiency

The KALCO RUBINO door is engineered for exceptional performance and energy efficiency.

Thermal Insulation

The door's thermal insulation is rated at EN ISO 10077-2: Uw=1.8 W/(m² K), maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures and reducing energy costs.

Air and Water Resistance

The door achieves high standards in air permeability (EN ISO 12207: Class A3) and water tightness (EN ISO 12208: Class 4A). This ensures a draft-free and dry indoor environment, enhancing comfort.

Wind-load Resistance

The KALCO RUBINO door is rated for wind-load resistance (EN ISO 12210: Class V3), providing peace of mind in areas with strong winds and adverse weather.

Safety and Security Features

Safety and security are key considerations in the design of the KALCO RUBINO door.

Glass and Gasket

The door features 22 mm toughened glass for added strength and security. Available in clear and frosted options, the glass allows you to choose your preferred level of privacy and light.

The EPDM rubber gasket ensures a tight seal, preventing drafts and moisture from entering your space.

Handle Set Finish

The door is equipped with a stainless steel handle set finish, providing a modern and elegant touch while ensuring longevity.

Door Bottom Sweep

The woodpile door bottom sweep effectively guards against drafts and moisture, contributing to the door's overall performance.

Innovative Features

The KALCO RUBINO door includes innovative features that enhance usability and convenience.

Easy Install

Designed for easy installation, the door saves time and effort during the setup process.

Tilt & Turn Function

The tilt-and-turn functionality offers versatile ventilation and access options, making the door a practical choice for any setting.

The KALCO RUBINO Aluminium-Clad Wood Door with double-sided sidelights and tilt-and-turn features offers a perfect blend of luxury, performance, and convenience. Its innovative design, customizable options, and exceptional performance make it a top choice for any home or building.

Experience the beauty and efficiency of the KALCO RUBINO door and transform your space with this premium quality product.

Door Dimensions

Door Width (feet/inch.): 6.88ft (82.56 inch)

Door Height (feet/inch.): 7.87ft (94.44 inch)

Door Thickness (inch.): 5 inch.


Aluminium Color Family: RAL / Matt

Aluminium Color/Finish: Matt Grey(RAL-7043)

Aluminium Finish Type: Powder Coated

Wood Color Family: Canadian Oak Wood (Imported)

Door Details

Door Type: Openable + Tilt & Turn + Fixed Frame

View Type: Inside

Door Handing: Right-Hand/ Left-Hand Out-swing

Material: Aluminum Outside and Wood Inside

Handle Set Finish: Stainless StE

Door Bottom Sweep: Woodpile

Type of Weatherstripping: Dual

Sealing: Open Joint seal with 5.5 cm2 per-cavity

Features: Easy Install, Tilt and Turn

Glazing/ Glass

Glass: 22 mm Toughened Glass

Gasket: EPDM Rubber

Colour Option: Frosted/Clear


Thermal Insulation EN ISO 10077-2 : Uw=1.8 W/ (mtr2 K)

Air Permeability EN ISO 12207 : Class A3

Water Tightness EN ISO 12208 : Class 4A

Wind-load Resistance EN ISO 12210 : Class V3

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