14 Step Foldable Ladder with Top Tool Metal Plate, Both Side Steps (Model: K-7013, Height: 15 ft in Heavy)

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Please note: The product image is actual, but the size shown may not match with the size we mentioned. Our product photography is currently in progress. Don't worry, the ladder you receive will be the exact size you ordered.

  • Brand: KALCO
  • Product Model: K-7013
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Unveiling the KALCO 14-Step, 15-foot Foldable Aluminium Ladder with a Premium Metal Summit

Embark on a journey of convenience and adaptability with the KALCO 13-Step Aluminium Folding Ladder. This exceptional ladder is meticulously engineered to streamline your daily tasks, rendering them more effortless and efficient. Whether your objectives entail accessing towering shelves, undertaking repairs, or engaging in DIY ventures, this ladder stands as your steadfast companion.

Distinctive Attributes:

A Whopping 14 Steps: Boasting a meticulously spaced configuration of 14 steps, you attain a harmonious equilibrium between altitude and steadfastness, enabling you to confidently reach the most inaccessible locations.

Aluminium Construct: Forged from top-tier aluminum, this ladder presents a marriage of lightweight maneuverability and enduring robustness. This amalgamation ensures facile portability while pledging resilience for extended utility.

Foldable Blueprint: The ladder's ingenious collapsible architecture bequeaths effortless storage and conveyance. When temporarily idle, it gracefully folds into a compact form, amenable to snug placement within confined spaces.

Summit Metal Plinth: The ladder is thoughtfully equipped with a secure metallic platform at its apogee. This platform bestows a secure foundation for your footing, amplifying both your safety and comfort during elevated tasks.

Multifunctionality: Irrespective of your vocation, be it a seasoned artisan or a domicile dweller, this ladder aligns harmoniously with a diverse spectrum of applications. From interior endeavors like painting and tidying to outdoor upkeep, it emerges as an adaptable adjunct for any undertaking.

Safety Safeguards: Your welfare takes precedence. This ladder integrates anti-slip treads and rubberized footing, thus mitigating the prospect of mishaps precipitated by slips or skids.

User-Friendly Ergonomics: Meticulously conceived for intuitive handling, this ladder incorporates a straightforward securing mechanism. The unfurling and stabilization of the ladder is a seamless affair, expediting your commencement of tasks with alacrity.

Invest in the KALCO 14-Step Aluminium Folding Ladder crowned with a Summit Metal Plinth, and experience an elevation in your productivity. Whether you profess as a seasoned artisan or nurture a penchant for DIY pursuits, this ladder's pragmatism, tenacity, and safety features render it an indispensable inclusion within your arsenal.

Height in Meter (m): 4.57m

Height in Feet (ft): 15'ft

Height in Steps: 14 Steps

Kalco Foldable Ladder K-7013
Kalco Yellow Aluminium Foldable Ladder K7013

*Please Note: The product image is actual, but the size of the ladder may be different. The size of the ladder you will get as per your ordering size, not the size of the picture shown.

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