KALCO Mobile Electric Working Platform (Model: K-7018, Height: 26ft*)


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Discover the KALCO Mobile Electric Working Platform K-7018-KAL2-8M Double Mast

In the realm of efficient and safe working at heights, the KALCO Mobile Electric Working Platform stands out as a beacon of excellence. Designed with precision engineering and equipped with cutting-edge features, the KALCO 7018-KAL2-8M sets the benchmark for mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs). Let's delve into the intricate details of this remarkable piece of machinery.

Unveiling the Specifications

Model: KALCO 7018-KAL2-8M

The model designation, KALCO 7018-KAL2-8M, signifies a commitment to quality and performance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this MEWP embodies reliability and durability.

Capacity: 200kg

With a robust weight-bearing capacity of 200kg, the KALCO 7018-KAL2-8M ensures ample support for various tasks and equipment, facilitating seamless operations at height.

Platform Height: 8.0 meters (26.25 feet)

Ascending to a height of 8.0 meters (26.25 feet), this working platform grants access to elevated workspaces with unparalleled ease and safety, empowering workers to accomplish tasks efficiently.

Max. Working Height: 9.7 meters (31.82 feet)

Achieving a maximum working height of 9.7 meters (31.82 feet), the KALCO 7018-KAL2-8M enables professionals to reach lofty heights with confidence and stability, enhancing productivity and workflow efficiency.

Platform Size: 1.65m x 0.61m

Featuring a spacious platform measuring 1.65 meters by 0.61 meters, this MEWP offers ample room for manoeuvrability and workspace organization, optimizing user comfort and convenience.

Max. Occupants: 2 (Two)

Capable of accommodating up to two occupants simultaneously, the KALCO 7018-KAL2-8M promotes collaborative work environments while adhering to stringent safety standards.


Overall Length: 2 meters

With a compact overall length of 2 meters, this mobile electric working platform facilitates manoeuvrability in confined spaces and enhances on-site mobility, ensuring versatility across various applications.

Overall Width: 0.80 meter

Measuring a width of 0.80 meter, the KALCO 7018-KAL2-8M boasts a streamlined profile that enables seamless navigation through narrow aisles and doorways, optimizing operational efficiency.

Overall Height: 1.85 meters

Standing at a height of 1.85 meters, this MEWP strikes the perfect balance between vertical reach and compactness, maximizing accessibility without compromising on stability or safety.

Lift Power

AC Power: 110v-380v

Compatible with a wide range of power sources ranging from 110 volts to 380 volts, the KALCO 7018-KAL2-8M offers unparalleled flexibility and adaptability, ensuring seamless integration into diverse worksite environments.

Motor: 1.5kw

Powered by a robust 1.5-kilowatt motor, this electric working platform delivers exceptional performance and reliability, empowering users to tackle challenging tasks with confidence and efficiency.

Lift Weight: 580 kg

Weighing in at 580 kilograms, the KALCO 7018-KAL2-8M strikes the perfect balance between structural integrity and manoeuvrability, ensuring optimal functionality without compromising on safety or performance.

Product Description:

Model: KALCO K-7018-KAL2-8M
Capacity: 200kg
Platform Height: 8.0 meter (26.25 feet)
Max. Working Height: 9.7 meter (31.82 feet)
Platform Size: 1.65m x 0.61m
Max. Occupants: 2 (Two)

Overall Length: 2 meter
Overall Width: 0.80 meter
Overall Height: 1.85 meter

Lift Power:
Ac Power: 110v-380v
Motor: 1.5kw
Lift Weight: 580kg

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