KALCO Pleated Mosquito Net for Windows 5’ x 4’


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Secure Your Home with KALCO Pleated Mosquito Net – 5ft x 4ft

Secure and Stylish Window Protection

Transform your home with the KALCO Pleated Mosquito Net for Windows. Measuring 5ft x 4ft, this net offers a blend of function and elegance. Keep pesky insects out while enjoying fresh air and natural light. Made with high-quality polyester and fiber, its black hexagonal mesh ensures durability and effective protection. The aluminum frame, powder-coated in RAL 7043, adds a modern touch to your window. With a standard 1-year warranty, you can trust in long-lasting quality.

Effortless Installation and Use

The KALCO Pleated Mosquito Net features a user-friendly design that makes installation a breeze. Its pleated mesh allows for easy opening and closing, offering convenience and versatility. The net's bubble wrap and carton packaging provide extra protection during transit, ensuring you receive it in perfect condition. Enjoy a peaceful, insect-free environment with minimal effort.

Enhance Home Comfort and Safety

Upgrade your home's safety and comfort with this premium mosquito net. The hexagonal hole mesh provides excellent ventilation while keeping insects out. Whether it's for a cosy reading corner or your bedroom, the KALCO Pleated Mosquito Net adds a layer of security to your living spaces. Its sleek design complements any decor, making it a perfect addition to your home.

Screen height:  4ft (1.22 m)
Width:  5ft (1.52 m)
Frame Material:   Aluminium
Frame Colour:   Powder Coated Color (RAL 7043)
Screen Material:   Polyester, Fibre
Mesh Colour:    Black
Mesh type:    Hexagonal hole
Packing:     Bubble Wrap and Carton
Warranty:    Standard 1 Year

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