Aluminium Trolley Step Ladder with Top Stable Platform (Model: K7024, Height: 6 ft in Very Heavy)

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  • Brand: KALCO
  • Product Model: K-7024
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Kalco 7024 Aluminium Trolley Ladder
Kalco Aluminium Trolley Ladder K-7024

KALCO 6ft Very Heavy Trolley Step Ladder

The KALCO 6ft Aluminium Trolley Step Ladder with Top Stable Platform is an essential tool for both industrial and domestic use. Engineered with precision and built to last, this ladder offers unparalleled stability and convenience. This guide provides an in-depth look at its features, specifications, and benefits, ensuring you make an informed purchase decision.

Key Features of the KALCO 6ft Aluminium Trolley Step Ladder

Superior Platform Stability

The ladder comes equipped with an aluminium squared plate platform measuring 2’ x 2’. This spacious platform ensures a secure and comfortable working space, allowing users to perform tasks with ease and confidence.

Safety Guard Railing

For added safety, the platform is equipped with a 2’ height guard railing. This feature provides additional support and prevents accidental falls, making it ideal for tasks that require extended periods of standing at height.

Robust Frame Construction

The ladder's frame is fabricated out of M.S. Channel, ensuring durability and strength. The C-section design (66 x 31) enhances the ladder's stability, making it capable of withstanding heavy use in various environments.

Detailed Specifications

Compliance with Standards

The KALCO ladder adheres to the standards IS-733-1983 and IS-1285-1975, ensuring high quality and safety. These standards are benchmarks for aluminium products, signifying that the ladder meets stringent requirements for performance and reliability.

Material Excellence

Crafted from Alloy 6351 T-6 by HINDALCO, the ladder is designed for maximum strength and durability. This alloy is known for its excellent mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Dimensions and Measurements

  • Height: 1.82 meters (6 feet)
  • Steps: 5 steps

These dimensions make the ladder versatile for a range of tasks, from reaching high shelves to conducting maintenance work.

Benefits of Using the KALCO Trolley Step Ladder

Enhanced Mobility

The trolley design allows for easy movement across different locations. This feature is particularly useful in industrial settings where tools and equipment need to be frequently relocated.

Versatility in Application

Whether for household chores or professional tasks, the KALCO stepladder is designed to meet diverse needs. Its sturdy construction and safety features make it suitable for electricians, painters, warehouse workers, and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Easy Storage

Despite its robust build, the ladder is designed for convenient storage. Its compact form factor ensures that it does not take up excessive space when not in use.


The KALCO 6ft Aluminium Trolley Step Ladder stands out as a top choice for those seeking reliability, safety, and convenience. Its thoughtful design, coupled with high-quality materials, ensures that it meets the needs of a wide range of users. Whether for personal or professional use, this ladder offers exceptional value and performance. Invest in the KALCO stepladder and experience the difference in quality and efficiency.

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