Aluminium Trolley Step Ladder with Top Stable Platform (Model: K7024, Height: 12 ft in Very Heavy)

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  • Brand: KALCO
  • Product Model: K-7024
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KALCO K-7024 12ft Very Heavy Aluminium Trolley Ladder : The Ultimate Industrial Solution

Kalco 7024 Aluminium Trolley Ladder
Kalco Aluminium Trolley Ladder K-7024

When it comes to industrial use, the KALCO K-7024 12ft Very Heavy Aluminium Trolley Ladder stands out as a premier choice for safety, durability, and efficiency. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of various industrial environments, this ladder offers unparalleled reliability and performance. Below, we delve into the detailed features and specifications that make the KALCO K-7024 a must-have for industrial operations.

Unmatched Durability and Construction

High-Quality Aluminium Alloy

The KALCO K-7024 is crafted from 6351 T-6 HINDALCO aluminium alloy, known for its exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion. This high-grade material ensures the ladder withstands harsh industrial conditions while maintaining its integrity over time.

Robust Frame Design

The frame of the KALCO K-7024 is fabricated out of M.S. Channel, specifically designed in a C-Section (66 x 31). This robust construction enhances the ladder's stability and supports heavy loads, making it suitable for various industrial applications.

Superior Safety Features

Secure Guard Railing

Safety is paramount in industrial settings, and the KALCO K-7024 addresses this with a 2’ height guard railing. This feature provides added security for users working at elevated heights, minimizing the risk of falls and accidents.

Stable Platform

The ladder features a 2’ x 2’ aluminium squared plate platform, offering a stable and spacious area for workers to perform their tasks comfortably. This platform size ensures ample space for tools and movement, enhancing productivity and safety.

Efficient Mobility

Large Diameter Wheels

Equipped with 6” diameter wheels, the KALCO K-7024 ensures easy mobility across different surfaces. These wheels allow for smooth transportation of the ladder, reducing physical strain on workers and improving overall efficiency.

Compliance with Industry Standards

The KALCO K-7024 meets the stringent requirements of IS-733-1983 and IS-1285-1975 standards. These certifications guarantee that the ladder adheres to industry safety and quality benchmarks, providing users with confidence in its performance and reliability.

Detailed Specifications at a Glance

  • Brand: KALCO
  • Model: K-7024
  • Type: Very Heavy Aluminium Trolley Ladder
  • Uses: Industrial Use
  • Platform Size: 2’ x 2’ aluminium squared plate
  • Guard Railing Height: 2’
  • Frame Section: C-Section (66 x 31)
  • Wheels: 6” diameter
  • Standard Compliance: IS-733-1983, IS-1285-1975
  • Alloy Used: 6351 T-6 HINDALCO
  • Height: 3.65 meters (12 feet)
  • Steps: 11 steps

Ideal Applications for the KALCO K-7024

The KALCO K-7024 is designed for a wide range of industrial applications. Its sturdy construction and safety features make it ideal for use in factories, warehouses, construction sites, and maintenance operations. Whether you need to reach high shelves, perform overhead tasks, or ensure safe and stable working conditions, this ladder is engineered to meet those needs efficiently.


The KALCO K-7024 12ft Very Heavy Aluminium Trolley Ladder is a top-tier solution for industrial needs, combining durability, safety, and mobility. Its construction from high-quality materials and adherence to industry standards ensure that it delivers exceptional performance in demanding environments. Choose the KALCO K-7024 for your industrial operations to enhance efficiency and safety.

For more information on the KALCO K-7024 and to explore purchasing options, visit our product page. Experience the difference of superior industrial equipment designed to meet your highest expectations.

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