Aluminium Trolley Step Ladder with Top Stable Platform (Model: K7024, Height: 11 ft in Heavy)

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  • Product Model: K-7024
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KALCO K-7024 Heavy Aluminium Trolley Ladder: The Ultimate Industrial Solution

Kalco 7024 Aluminium Trolley Ladder
Kalco Aluminium Trolley Ladder K-7024

When it comes to industrial-grade ladders, the KALCO K-7024 Heavy Aluminium Trolley Ladder stands out as a premier choice for businesses requiring reliable and durable access solutions. This ladder combines exceptional build quality with thoughtful design features, ensuring safety, ease of use, and compliance with industry standards.

Robust Construction for Heavy-Duty Use

The KALCO K-7024 is meticulously engineered to meet the demanding needs of industrial environments. Constructed from high-grade 6351 T-6 HINDALCO alloy, this ladder offers unmatched strength and durability. The frame is fabricated from M.S. Channel with a C-Section measuring 66 x 31, providing a solid and stable base for rigorous use.

Key Specifications

  • Height: 3.35 meters (11 feet)
  • Steps: 10
  • Platform Size: Aluminium squared plate 2’ x 2’ with 2’ height guard railing
  • Wheels: 6” diameter for easy mobility
  • Standards: Complies with IS-733-1983 and 1285-1975 standards

Superior Safety Features

Safety is paramount in industrial settings, and the KALCO K-7024 excels in this area. The ladder is equipped with a 2-foot height guard railing on the platform, providing additional security to prevent falls. The robust construction and reliable materials used in its manufacture ensure that the ladder remains stable and secure during use.

Safety at a Glance

  • Guard Railing: 2’ height to protect users on the platform
  • Non-Slip Platform: Aluminium squared plate ensures a stable standing surface
  • Sturdy Frame: C-Section design for enhanced stability

Enhanced Mobility with Durable Wheels

The KALCO K-7024 features 6-inch diameter wheels, allowing for easy transportation across different work areas. These wheels are designed to handle the rough and uneven surfaces commonly found in industrial settings, ensuring that the ladder can be moved effortlessly while maintaining its stability and safety.

Mobility Features

  • Wheel Diameter: 6 inches for smooth movement
  • Construction: Durable materials to withstand industrial environments

Compliance with Industrial Standards

Meeting stringent industry standards is crucial for any industrial equipment, and the KALCO K-7024 does not disappoint. It complies with IS-733-1983 and 1285-1975 standards, which pertain to the quality and performance of aluminium products. This compliance guarantees that the ladder meets high safety and quality benchmarks, making it a trustworthy choice for industrial applications.

Standards Compliance

  • IS-733-1983: Ensures high-grade aluminium quality
  • IS-1285-1975: Specifies requirements for aluminium alloy products

Versatility in Industrial Applications

The KALCO K-7024 is designed for versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Whether you need to access high shelves, perform maintenance tasks, or conduct inspections, this ladder provides a reliable solution. Its robust build and mobility features make it an essential tool for factories, warehouses, and other industrial facilities.


  • Warehousing: Access high storage areas with ease
  • Maintenance: Perform maintenance tasks safely and efficiently
  • Inspection: Conduct thorough inspections in elevated areas


The KALCO K-7024 Heavy Aluminium Trolley Ladder is an exceptional choice for industrial use, offering unmatched durability, safety, and compliance with industry standards. Its robust construction, superior safety features, and enhanced mobility make it a versatile and indispensable tool for any industrial setting. Choose the KALCO K-7024 for a reliable and efficient access solution that stands the test of time.

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