Aluminium Front Door Matt Grey KPD-1007 (3.3 ft x 7 ft)


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Aluminium Home Front Door: Model KPD-1007


When it comes to designing the perfect entrance for your home, the Aluminium Home Front Door in Matt Grey Model KPD-1007 stands out as a premium option. This stunning door combines elegance and functionality, offering homeowners the ideal solution for enhancing curb appeal while ensuring safety and durability. Below, we dive into the comprehensive specifications and features of this top-of-the-line door model.

Door Design and Materials

The KPD-1007 model features an openable door type, perfect for welcoming guests and enhancing ventilation. Its right-hand, out-swing design ensures smooth operation and a seamless transition between your home and the outside world. Constructed with high-quality aluminium, the door boasts superior strength and corrosion resistance, making it a long-lasting addition to any home.

Handle Set and Hardware Details

The door's handle set is finished in stainless steel, providing a sleek and modern touch. This durable material ensures the handle remains resistant to wear and tear, while also being easy to maintain. Additionally, the door is equipped with a woodpile bottom sweep, enhancing its weatherproofing capabilities. Dual weatherstripping further ensures a tight seal, keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient.

Impressive Size and Dimensions

With a height of 84 inches (7 feet) and a width of 40 inches (3.3 feet), the KPD-1007 model makes a bold statement at the entrance of any home. The door's thickness of 4 inches provides excellent insulation and noise reduction, contributing to a peaceful indoor environment. Its substantial! Dimensions make it a standout feature for homeowners looking to make a strong impression.

Color and Finish Options

The door comes in a matt grey finish (RAL-7043), offering a modern and sophisticated look. For those who prefer a different aesthetic, the door is also available in other colour options: semi-glossy grey (RAL-7006), matt brown (RAL-8016), semi-glossy aluminium (RAL-9006), and semi-glossy white (RAL-9016). The powder-coated finish ensures the door retains its colour and resists fading over time, providing a lasting visual appeal.

Glazing and Glass Details

The KPD-1007 features a 40 mm double glass unit for enhanced insulation and noise reduction. The glass is set within a 2 mm aluminium sheet, adding to the door's durability and strength. An EPDM rubber gasket seals the glass, ensuring a secure fit and preventing moisture from seeping in. Homeowners can opt for a frosted glass texture at an additional cost, adding privacy and a unique touch to their entrance.

Unique Features

What sets the KPD-1007 apart from other front doors is its retractable screen feature, offering homeowners the flexibility to let in fresh air while keeping insects out. This innovative design enhances the door's functionality and convenience, making it a standout choice for any home.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The KPD-1007 model is designed with easy installation in mind. Its components are crafted for a seamless assembly, allowing for a straightforward setup process. Once installed, the door requires minimal maintenance, thanks to its durable materials and weather-resistant features. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth is all that's needed to keep the door looking pristine.

In summary, the Aluminium Home Front Door in Matt Grey Model KPD-1007 is a superior choice for homeowners seeking a combination of style, durability, and functionality. Its impressive size, range of finish options, and innovative features make it an exceptional addition to any home. Elevate your home's entrance with this premium door model and enjoy the benefits of a high-quality, elegant front door.

Frame Dimensions

Door Height (inch.): 84 inch. (7ft)

Door Width (inch.): 40 inch. (3.3ft)

Door Thickness (inch.): 4 inch.

Color Family: RAL / Matt

Color: Matt Grey - RAL-7043 (Default Color)

Other Color Option: Semi Glossy Grey(RAL-7006), Matt Brown(RAL-8016), Semi Glossy Aluminium(RAL-9006), Semi Glossy White(RAL-9016)

Finish Type: Powder Coated

Door Details

Door Type: Openable

View Type: Outside

Door Handing: Right-Hand/ Out-swing

Material: Aluminum

Handle Set Finish: Stainless Steel

Door Bottom Sweep: Woodpile

Type of Weatherstripping: Dual

Weight: 63kg

Features: Easy Install, Retractable Screen

Glazing/ Glass

Glass: 40 mm Double Glass Unit

Material: 2 mm Aluminium Sheet

Gasket: EPDM Rubber

Other Texture Option: Frosted Glass (Additional Cost)

RAl Color Chart

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