KALCO Mobile Electric Working Platform (Model: K-7018, Height: 40ft*)


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Introducing the KALCO Mobile Electric Working Platform KALCO K-7018-KAL2-12M

In the realm of efficient and safe elevated work platforms, the KALCO K-7018-KAL2-12M stands tall as an exemplar of cutting-edge technology and robust engineering. This mobile electric working platform is meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of industrial and commercial applications, offering unparalleled performance, reliability, and safety features that elevate productivity while ensuring the well-being of operators.

Model and Specifications

The KALCO K-7018-KAL2-12M boasts a formidable set of specifications, making it an indispensable asset in various work environments. Let's delve into its key features:

Model: KALCO K-7018-KAL2-12M
Capacity: 200kg
Platform Height: 12.0 meters (39.37 feet)
Max. Working Height: 13.7 meters (44.94 feet)
Platform Size: 2.15m x 0.61m
Max. Occupants: 2 (Two)

Overall Length: 2.50 meters
Overall Width: 0.80 meters
Overall Height: 1.85 meters

Lift Power:
AC Power: 110v-380v
Motor: 1.5kw
Lift Weight: 875kg

Performance and Safety

The KALCO K-7018-KAL2-12M is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, combining powerful lifting capabilities with advanced safety features to ensure seamless operation even in the most demanding environments. Its robust construction and precise engineering instill confidence in users, enabling them to execute tasks efficiently and with utmost safety.

Powerful Lifting Capacity

With a maximum capacity of 200kg, this electric working platform empowers users to tackle a wide range of tasks, from routine maintenance to intricate installations, with ease. Its impressive platform height of 12.0 meters and a maximum working height of 13.7 meters provide access to elevated areas with unparalleled efficiency, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety is paramount in any work environment, and the KALCO K-7018-KAL2-12M prioritizes operator well-being with a comprehensive suite of safety features. From sturdy guardrails and non-slip platform surfaces to emergency stop buttons and overload protection mechanisms, every aspect of this platform is designed to mitigate risks and ensure a secure working environment for operators.

Versatile and User-Friendly Design

Versatility and user-friendliness are integral aspects of the KALCO K-7018-KAL2-12M, making it suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries. Its compact dimensions facilitate maneuverability in tight spaces, while the intuitive controls and ergonomic design enhance operator comfort and convenience.

Seamless Mobility

Equipped with smooth-rolling casters and a lightweight yet durable frame, this mobile electric platform offers effortless mobility, allowing operators to navigate through congested work areas with ease. Whether indoors or outdoors, the KALCO K-7018-KAL2-12M adapts to diverse environments, ensuring seamless performance in any setting.

Intuitive Controls

Navigating the KALCO K-7018-KAL2-12M is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly control interface, which provides precise control over platform movements with minimal effort. Operators can adjust platform height, maneuver with precision, and execute tasks with confidence, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.


In summary, the KALCO K-7018-KAL2-12M sets the standard for excellence in mobile electric working platforms, combining unparalleled performance, advanced safety features, and user-friendly design to deliver exceptional value to businesses across various industries. Whether you're in construction, maintenance, or facility management, investing in the KALCO K-7018-KAL2-12M ensures optimal efficiency, safety, and productivity in your operations.

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