Aluminium Trolley Step Ladder with Top Stable Platform (Model: K7024, Height: 4 ft in Heavy)

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  • Brand: KALCO
  • Product Model: K-7024
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Kalco 7024 Aluminium Trolley Ladder
Kalco Aluminium Trolley Ladder K-7024

Aluminium Trolley Step Industrial Ladder with Top Stable Platform

When it comes to industrial or commercial tasks, safety and efficiency are paramount. The Aluminium Trolley Step Industrial Ladder with Top Stable Platform 4ft in 3mm (heavy) by KALCO, model K-7024, is a perfect solution for those looking for reliable and easy-to-use equipment. This ladder's features make it stand out in the market, offering an exceptional balance of safety, mobility, and durability.

Key Features of the KALCO K-7024 Ladder

Easy Mobility: The ladder is designed for convenience, featuring 6-inch diameter wheels that allow easy movement across various surfaces. This feature makes it a go-to choice for busy industrial environments.

Stable and Secure Platform: With a 2ft x 2ft aluminium squared plate platform, this ladder ensures a stable work surface. The platform comes with a 2ft height guard railing, providing added safety for the user.

Quality Materials: Crafted from Aluminium 6351 T-6, this ladder boasts strength and longevity. The material's high quality ensures that the ladder can withstand regular use in tough conditions.

Optimal Design: The ladder's C-Section 66 x 31 profile section provides both strength and versatility. The design is compliant with IS-733-1983 and 1285-1975 standards, ensuring the product meets industry regulations.

Specifications and Usability

Height and Steps: The ladder offers a height of 1.21 meters (4ft), with three steps leading to the top platform. This design makes it suitable for a range of tasks in industrial and commercial settings.

Durability and Reliability: With a focus on high-quality construction and materials, this ladder is built to last. It offers a safe and reliable option for workers who need to access elevated areas.

Applications in Industrial and Commercial Settings

The Aluminium Trolley Step Industrial Ladder is an invaluable tool in various industrial and commercial applications. Whether used in warehouses, factories, or retail environments, its easy mobility and stable platform make it a versatile choice for tasks such as stock management, maintenance, and installations.

The ladder's design prioritizes user safety, providing a secure platform and guard railing to prevent falls. Its durable construction ensures long-term use, making it a cost-effective investment for any business.

Product Information


Industrial / Commercial Use.


  • Easy to move
  • Very stable platform






  • In meters (m): 1.21 m
  • In feet (ft): 4 ft
  • In steps: 3 steps


Aluminium 6351 T-6


  • Size: Aluminium squared plate, 2 ft x 2 ft
  • Guard railing: 2 ft height

Profile Section

C-Section 66 x 31


  • IS-733-1983
  • IS-1285-1975


6” diameter wheels

The KALCO K-7024 Aluminium Trolley Step Industrial Ladder with Top Stable Platform is an essential tool for industrial and commercial use. Its ease of mobility, stable platform, and quality construction make it a standout choice for those seeking safety and efficiency in their work environments. Investing in this ladder means investing in the safety and productivity of your team.

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