Aluminium Trolley Step Ladder with Top Stable Platform (Model: K7024, Height: 5 ft in Very Heavy)

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  • Brand: KALCO
  • Product Model: K-7024
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The Ultimate Guide to the Aluminium Trolley Step Industrial Ladder with Top Stable Platform 5'ft in 4mm

Kalco 7024 Aluminium Trolley Ladder
Kalco Aluminium Trolley Ladder K-7024

In the realm of industrial and commercial use, having reliable equipment is crucial for the efficient and safe execution of tasks. That's where the Aluminium Trolley Step Industrial Ladder with Top Stable Platform 5'ft in 4mm comes into play. Designed for top-notch performance and ease of use, this ladder is a versatile asset for various work environments. Let’s delve deeper into the features, specifications, and advantages of this essential tool.

Key Features of the Aluminium Trolley Step Industrial Ladder

The Aluminium Trolley Step Industrial Ladder offers an array of features that set it apart from traditional ladders. Here are some of the standout characteristics:

  • Easy Mobility: Equipped with 6-inch diameter wheels, this ladder is easy to move around any workspace. This feature ensures quick repositioning and saves time during tasks.
  • Stability and Safety: The stable platform, measuring 2 feet by 2 feet, provides a secure base for users to work from. The 2-foot-high guard railing adds an extra layer of safety, minimizing the risk of falls.
  • Robust Construction: Made from Aluminium 6351 T-6, the ladder boasts a sturdy build, capable of withstanding heavy use in industrial settings.
  • Compliance with Standards: Adhering to IS-733-1983 and 1285-1975 standards, this ladder is designed with quality and safety in mind.
  • Convenient Height: With a height of 5 feet (1.52 meters) and 4 steps, this ladder provides ample reach for a variety of tasks.

Applications and Uses

The Aluminium Trolley Step Industrial Ladder is an ideal tool for numerous applications across industrial and commercial sectors. Some common uses include:

  • Warehouse Maintenance: This ladder is perfect for reaching high shelves and conducting maintenance tasks in warehouses.
  • Factory Operations: Workers can use the ladder to perform routine checks, repairs, and installations within factories.
  • Construction Sites: Builders and contractors can utilize the ladder for a variety of tasks, from painting to installing fixtures.
  • Retail Spaces: Store employees can benefit from the ladder when stocking shelves or setting up displays.

Technical Specifications

Here are the detailed specifications of the Aluminium Trolley Step Industrial Ladder:

  • Brand: KALCO
  • Model: K-7024 5ft in 4mm (Heavy)
  • Platform Size: Aluminium squared plate, 2ft x 2ft
  • Material: Aluminium 6351 T-6
  • Profile Section: C-Section, 66 x 31
  • Standards: IS-733-1983, 1285-1975
  • Height: 1.52m (5'ft)
  • Steps: 4 steps
  • Wheels: 6-inch diameter wheels

These specifications ensure that the ladder meets industry standards for quality and performance.

Advantages of Aluminium Construction

The Aluminium Trolley Step Industrial Ladder offers several advantages due to its aluminium construction:

  • Lightweight: Aluminium is known for its lightweight properties, making the ladder easy to manoeuvre.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Aluminium resists rust and corrosion, extending the lifespan of the ladder.
  • Durability: Despite its lightweight nature, aluminium is durable and can handle heavy loads and frequent use.
  • Cost-Effective: Aluminium ladders offer a cost-effective solution for industrial and commercial needs.

Safety Tips for Using the Aluminium Trolley Step Industrial Ladder

While the Aluminium Trolley Step Industrial Ladder is designed with safety in mind, it’s important to follow proper usage guidelines to ensure user safety:

  • Secure the Ladder: Always place the ladder on a stable and level surface to prevent wobbling.
  • Use the Guard Rail: Take advantage of the 2-foot-high guard railing for additional support and security.
  • Inspect the Ladder: Regularly check the ladder for any signs of wear and tear before use.
  • Follow Weight Capacity: Adhere to the ladder’s weight capacity to avoid accidents.
  • Use Proper Footwear: Wear non-slip shoes to maintain a firm grip while on the ladder.

The Aluminium Trolley Step Industrial Ladder with Top Stable Platform 5'ft in 4mm is a must-have tool for industrial and commercial operations. Its ease of use, stability, and robust construction make it a top choice for professionals in various industries. Investing in this ladder ensures safety, efficiency, and productivity in the workplace.

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