Foldable Aluminium Ladder with Top, Flat Steps (Model: K7013, Size: 5 feet in Heavy)

Rs.4,240.00 Rs.9,655.00

  • Brand: KALCO
  • Product Model: K-7013
  • Availability: In Stock

Kalco K-7013 Foldable Aluminium Ladder, this ladder from KALCO is ideal and a must have for every household, office, warehouse, shop, business etc. This ladder is made from aluminium which is corrosion-free, light in weight, easy to move.

Kalco Foldable Ladder K-7013
Kalco Yellow Aluminium Foldable Ladder K7013

*Please Note: The product image is actual, but the size of the ladder may be different. The size of the ladder you will get as per your ordering size, not the size of the picture shown.

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